Sales Excellence in Scientific Instruments

Elevate Your Instrument Sales to New Heights

Kapron Consulting offers exceptional sales representation and industry-specific coaching services for the scientific instrumentation sector.

Accelerate Your Sales Success

At Kapron Consulting, we are driven by our passion for representing cutting-edge analytical instrumentation and helping our clients thrive in the scientific industry.

Through our proven Instrumentation Representation and Sales Coaching services, we offer comprehensive solutions to maximize your potential and achieve exceptional reach and sales results.

Contact Kapron Consulting today to learn more about how we can help you or your company elevate your instrumentation reach and accelerate sales success.

  • For Individuals & Teams

    Coaching for Instrument Sales Representatives

    Looking to excel in the competitive world of analytical scientific instrument sales? Kapron Consulting offers comprehensive coaching services designed to meet the unique demands of selling mass spectrometers and other specialized equipment. Learn to avoid common pitfalls, develop effective selling techniques, and refine your approach to engage even the most skeptical customers.

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  • For Companies

    Scientific Instrumentation Representation

    Kapron Consulting specializes in representing advanced scientific instrumentation to help our clients reach new customers and achieve their product sales goals. With an approach that accounts for the full spectrum of opportunities and challenges, we empower you to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds and craft strategies that set you apart from your competitors.

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“Over the last couple of years, I have had the great pleasure of working with Jim Kapron. I, although very well versed in the technical field, was very inexperienced in the sales realm and in need of guidance. Jim recognized the opportunity to provide counselling, quickly taking me under his wing and helped me transition from a technical minded person into a technical minded salesperson.

A calm and cool demeanour, great customer understanding, capacity to approach every interaction positively, and the ability to train others to do the same are just a few of the character strengths Jim has to offer. Added to this, an impressive educational background, many years of successful sales experience and the fact that Jim is an all-around great person, you can begin to understand why I value time spent with him and why I consider him a mentor.”

– Troy Thompson, 2023-05-14

Case Studies

  • Case Study

    Meeting Changing Customer Needs

    Discover how Kapron Consulting tackled a sudden drop in sales from an established customer by identifying their evolving requirements and providing solutions.

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  • Case Study

    Mercaptan Sensor

    An established research company with a single technology needed to expand and diversify their offerings. Kapron Consulting was brought in to explore opportunities and help their recently patented product find markets.

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Sales Excellence in Scientific Instruments

Kapron Consulting provides instrumentation representation and sales coaching support in Canada. Reach out to learn more about working together.

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