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These FAQs address some of the most common questions about working with Kapron Consulting as your scientific instrumentation representative or sales coach. If you would like more info, please contact Jim directly.

  • I don’t want my product to be represented by a dishonest rep. What’s your style?

    Many sales reps are very good at persuasion and some are tempted to stretch the capabilities of their products to make a sale. That’s not my approach, as I believe the short-term gain is never worth the long-term pain. I sort through the unbelievable to identify and present the credible.

  • Will you give our customers a neutral perspective when representing our products?

    Yes. Every sales person wants to present their product as the solution to end all other solutions, but the truth is often far from it. I want what’s best for the customer and end-user of the products I am representing, and sometimes that means knowing when a product isn’t right for their needs. This approach is also best for preserving the integrity of the brands I am working with.

  • Can you give our customers an expert opinion on a particular technology?

    Yes. I have decades of experience in the industry, and can save your customers considerable time researching by leveraging the work I have already done. This allows them to make smart, informed purchasing decisions.

  • Do you provide representation for products other than LC-MS?

    Yes. While I have extensive experience within the LC-MS community, I have also represented other analytical techniques. They’re generally less universal, but just as specific (and often much less expensive).

  • Can you help advise our customers which direction to take?

    Yes. When customers research the options available to them, they are often presented with search results that are disguised by vendors pretending to be neutral and credible. I have the experience to sift through the muck to assess the current state of how to solve your customer’s problem.

  • My sales people just aren’t getting responses from target customers. Can you help?

    Yes. The key to getting responses from customers depends on several factors. Just sending out cold emails again and again can be frustrating and result in a revolving door of disheartened staff. My coaching services can help steer your team in the right direction.

  • My sales channels just aren’t performing. Can you help them increase sales?

    Yes. Sales channels are driven by different factors than internal sales people, so they need different incentives. I can capture their mind set and get them refocused on selling your products.

  • I’ve invented a fantastic new technology, but people aren’t buying. Can you help?

    Yes. I've helped several technologies, invented by clever technical people, who could not find the customers that they thought would flock to them. Let me help you design a plan to attract them.

  • Is your sales coaching suitable for newcomers to the analytical scientific instrument industry?

    Yes. Our coaching services are sure to help both newcomers and experienced representatives in the industry alike. Sales coaching provides foundational knowledge, effective selling techniques, and guidance to help all sales professionals build and grow a successful career in this field.

  • What types of advancements in analytical instrumentation does Kapron Consulting represent?

    Kapron Consulting specializes in representing a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, including mass spec interfaces with enhanced selectivity and ion filtration capabilities, new ionization sources, innovative analytical technologies, ion mobility solutions, state-of-the-art detectors, chromatography solutions, and next-generation optical analyzers.

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