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About Kapron Consulting

Founded by chemist and inquiring mind Jim Kapron, Kapron Consulting provides a personal approach to instrument sales.

Meet Jim Kapron

By never taking his customers for granted, and helping each one to the best of his ability, Jim builds long-lasting, successful relationships.

Jim approaches instrument sales in a stepwise fashion:

  1. Understand the customer’s needs;
  2. Propose a solution from both portfolio and my experience that best matches those needs;
  3. If there is no match, direct the customer to an alternative solution; and
  4. When there is a match, work to prove to the customer that the solution is the optimum one

Before he started selling scientific instruments at Bruker in 2011, Jim provided guidance to new technology adoption at Thermo Fisher Scientific. During this time, he honed his ability to understand customer need.

Jim successfully brought FAIMS technology from startup to the world and designed marketing plans to make it even better. FAIMS showed early promise in Europe, and in Japan he is still known to many as “Dr. FAIMS”.

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Kapron Consulting provides instrumentation representation and sales coaching support in Canada. Reach out to learn more about working together.

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